Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service

If you’ve ever wondered how fire teams work so quickly at the scene of real traffic accidents (RTAs) to free drivers in distress, it’s all down to practice – practice they can only get by physically enacting the situations.

In the case of Merseyside Fire and Rescue, that aftermath training is done courtesy of the staff at Robcliffe Roadside Assistance and authorised treatment facility for the depollution of Scrap Cars in Liverpool and end of life vehicles (ELVs), at Huyton, where vehicles are donated for the crucial skill building exercises.

The team at Robcliffe willingly give up their time to make the facilities available, arranging the ELVs simulate a range of accident scenarios that firefighters may encounter in real life, rehearsing the various cutting, extraction and lifesaving techniques needed. The ELVs are recycled in the usual way after the training sessions have been completed.

Robcliffe Site Manager Stephen said: “Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service play an invaluable part in rescuing endangered drivers, often saving lives. As we have the perfect place for them to train here at our recycling centre, we are only too happy to be able to assist them in training for this vital role.”

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