DVLA Tax Discs


With DVLA officials becoming stricter with clamp down on untaxed vehicles, it would be wise to tax your vehicles in the first place to avoid problems.

But almost a dozen of untaxed cars in Bradford has failed to follow regulations and as a result, they have been clamped or impounded.

The DVLA has confirmed that within the last week contractors has taken action against 79 cars.

You can pay for your DVLA Tax Disc online or by phone if you:

  • are the registered keeper of the vehicle and your name, address and vehicle details are up-to-date with DVLA
  • have your V11 reminder letter (V85/1 for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs)) or V5C registration certificate
  • have valid insurance
  • have an MOT, Goods Vehicle or Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV) test (if needed) – this must be valid when the tax disc starts
  • have a debit or credit card

But if taxing your car is not an issued and you want to get rid of your old motor then you may be interested in scrapping your car. You can get cash for your old card in as little as an hour! Robcliffe provides safe and legal means of scrapping your car without the hassle.

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